Monday, December 11, 2006

Pension Rip Off

At 56 I had a look at my pension scheme I have been paying in for decades and decide I was not getting much from them. I telephoned and found that one pension was worth oa considerable ammount, yet when I came to claim I was told I could only get 25% as a cash payment, the government had brought in a law forbidding me to have access to MY MONEY!!!! it gets worse I had 25% and the rest as a monthly pension a pittance at £161.48p, my first payment came today and I was deducted £35.52p tax. Remember all the money I had paid in was taxed, these Robber Barons called Tony Blair and henchman Gordan Brown do not encourage people to prepare for old age, so I suggest that once you are 65 years old make sure you have no money or property and live off the state because LABOUR will not support you if you help yourself, they will continue to tax you to the hilt. I wonder what our local MP Derek Wyatt has to say on the subject.

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