Tuesday, December 12, 2006


In the local paper their featured a piece on the closure of the local Cinema/Bingo Hall and the fact that a Christian group wanted to buy it and convert it into a church. One of your reporters commented that rather then let this building become a Church it should be a centre for the community, 1) “surely a Christian Church is a centre for the community” 2) presumably this community centre would be paid for by the Council.
My first reaction is why should the Council get involved in investing Council Tax payer’s money in a “Community Centre” what ever that means? Most of us know that these types of projects are usually not financially viable and become a drain on Council Tax payer’s money, with a small group of people running it with their own agenda. I own the building which houses the Swale Martial Arts Club which is an Amateur run body they would not expect to be financially supported by the local council and nor should they, there are grants available for small projects which are available if the Council think worthy. If a group wants to convert the Cinema into a Community Centre let them raise the money and run it as a non profit making self financing organisation, Council Tax payer’s money being put into projects like this is just another form of Tax and considering we are one of the most taxed counties in the world enough is enough.

What other things could be done with building 1) demolish it and build something else 2) Attract an apartment store to use it, it is big enough 3) Entertainment Centre i.e. restaurant, bar, night club etc 4) Indoor market with lots of small shops, cafes, antiques, ob je dar etc, 5) Offices 6) Casino. I am sure there is much more can be done but a Community Centre NO. With the state this country is in maybe we should encourage more Christian Churches maybe we they can the Christian ethic back into the UK where the government and political parties are failing remember our whole fabric of British Society is based on Christianity.

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