Monday, December 18, 2006

Prostitutes & Drugs

I like the rest of the country am shocked by the recent murders of the Prostitutes but we must learn lessons from this misery. Surely the time has come for legalised brothels as there will always be a need for men and women to pay for Sex, a lot of people say why bother paying it readily available at anytime free of charge, with young people treating the sex act and morality the same as playing a computer game. This may be the case but there are people who want to be totally dispassionate about the whole act, that being the case give the women a safe environment to work in.

My main concern is not what they are doing is why they are doing and it seems that “illegal drug dependency” is the cause. All we hear from the Police and the chattering classes is we should go after the dealers, great idea but no dealer can survive without customers. For far to long we have ignored the users, the people who keep the drug barons in power, stop treating occasional drug users as victims. Lets make example of these recreational drug takers and maybe there will be less addicts in then future, plus we could spend more money on the addicts who are victims.

I would come down hard on anyone caught with drugs no matter how small, first time offence a heavy fine relevant to their income i.e. 4 weeks money this would be fair as it would be relative, second offence 6 months prison and if there is not enough prisons build more. In the long term less people would take drugs, so therefore less people are in prison. Make high profile example of Pop Stars and people in Public life they are well aware they have big influence on the public so therefore they are duty bound to act responsible.

Will this happen NO because to many professional people want to protect their offspring from a criminal record, Pop Stars seem to think it’s a badge of rebellion to take drugs and all them have the money to get a cure but what of the kid on a Council Estate who can not afford the cure and just wants to emulate their hero’s.

Society has made drug use easy and has accepted it as part of life! Well that has not worked so time has come for draconian methods before we continue to fall further into the sew called “Modern Britain”

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