Wednesday, December 06, 2006



The latest gimmick from the new Labour Government is for “Over weight people to have free dance lessons” what a load of rubbish and waste of money!

Yes we have a problem in this country with people being unfit and overweight, this leads to all sorts of diseases, plus it could cost the NHS money. It could be argued that the government of the day should warn us about this and advise us to do something about it, the operable word is ADVICE not DICTATE, why does this government want to get involved in every aspect of our lives. One must ask the question how long will be before if you are over a certain weight you will be ordered to attend Dance Classes. What next Restaurants being ordered not to serve O.W.P. (over weight people), supermarkets restricting food to O.W.P.? That will never happen I hear you say “well they made laws making it an offence to smoke tobacco and in Scotland they want to try and bring out a law to restrict how much you can drink in a day” The British people are not dumb animals they have a brain and they can think plus they can make up their own minds.
For those people who wish to be fat and lazy surely that is their choice and why should they get preferential treatment over someone who trains, watches what they eat and has a healthy life style, if anyone should be rewarded it is them because they become less of a burden to the NHS, they have less time off work so over a lifetime pay more in taxes. What is over weight? I am 6ft 2inches and weigh 23st 7lbs according to the charts I have to be 15st 7lbs yet I am ex World Judo Champion and have not been 15st 7lbs since I was 15 years old, I train 5 times a week, watch my food and alcohol intake, eat healthily, my chest still bigger then my stomach and am very fit for a 56 year old man. My only problem is that I need a knee replacement as this gets worse I become more and more immobile, so get a new knee I hear you say! Well for the last 3 years I have been told I cannot have the operation because I am to heavy, I should lose 8 stone! The same money it would cost to operate on me, three others could have the operation, so is it weight or money or waiting lists yet if I go private at a cost of £10,000 my weight would not be a problem. I use this example to highlight the con of this business of O.W.P. the excuse not to look after you soon it will be lose weight or die. Recently a report came out stating that we should get away with the obsession of weight and concentrate on being fit, this to me is a common sense approach because as you start to train you begin to realise what effect alcohol and junk food have on your body and if you are lucky you will lose weight, for those who do not, well at least you will be a fit O.W.P. like me.
As for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown maybe they should concentrate on getting the country into better shape then interfering in what I do.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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