Sunday, December 17, 2006


SWALE’S very own community radio, BRFM 95.6, is using the Internet to broadcast a special request show for local people who are serving overseas with the Armed Forces.

The programme, which will be broadcast on Friday 29th December during the Danny Lawrence Show, which runs from 1pm to 4pm, will play requests sent in from Swale families who have relatives serving abroad.

This unique broadcast is being organised in association with the Soldiers, Sailors and Airman Families Association whose local Chairman, Brian Lyons, will help present the programme.

BRFM 95.6 are accepting requests not only from people with relatives serving abroad, but also from ex servicemen who live in the Swale area and would like a record played.

Also involved in presenting the show will be Gordon Henderson and Cllr Ken Pugh.

Gordon said:
‘What a brilliant idea! I am old enough to remember Forces Favourites, which was broadcast by the BBC on a Sunday and played requests for members of the Armed Forces serving in Germany.
‘I suppose this is a Twenty First Century version, broadcast from here in Swale, but using the Internet to send messages to loved ones overseas.
‘I would urge local people to make good use of this service not only by sending in their requests to but also by tuning in to BRFM 95.6 on Friday 29th December.
‘Anybody who doesn’t have access to a computer, but would still like to send a message to somebody servicing abroad, or simply have a tune played that reminds them of that person, can send their requests to me at the Halfway Conservative Hall and I will happily forward them to Danny Lawrence.’

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