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No, I work fully in the private sector now - running my own business - research and consultancy.

What do you mean, Martin, to say that something is 'not normal'? Presumably you don't mean 'not natural', because there is plenty of homosexuality in the animal kingdom, and there is evidence that gay people (sorry, I know you don't like the word!) are the way they are because their genetics have made them so.

And anyway, the world is full of unnatural things - cars, clothes, digital watches. Most things that make life easier and nicer are unnatural.

As far as gay sports clubs and the like are concerned, these presumably exist because there is a market for such things. And there is a market for them either because gay people like hanging around with other gay people (just as heterosexual people hang around with people with similar tastes at mainstream nightclubs), or because they are trying to get away from abuse and violence (normally motivated by a belief that they are not normal). Probably both apply, and I think good luck to them. There are clubs for disabled people, Asian people, people who like Judo, and lots of other groups. What's wrong with that?

By the way, I am sure you are wrong about companies and governments employing a certain number of homosexuals. Such information is gathered by human resources departments for auditing purposes, but those who appoint have no access to this information.

If a priest is arrested for expressing his opinion, I agree that is wrong. I think we should be able to say whatever we like. Ironically, Christians are frequently complaining when they are criticised or teased in the media (this is preferable to the react of their Muslim peers, but it still irritates!). There have been numerous reports about Christians claiming they are being marginalised in the press and society. It is ironic because religious groups are probably the most over-protected of all. They have their own TV and radio programmes (gays don't); Christians still have legal control over religious education in schools; and of course we have a state religion, despite the fact that only about 5% regularly attend Christian worship."

My answer

Normal means conforming to standards, usual, typical or expected because Homosexuals do not conform to this I believe they are abnormal if they are born that way they must be natural the same as a child who is born with three legs they are natural but not normal
It is 8% who attend church yet 73% claim to be Christians, so believing in Jesus and the Christian faith has nothing to with going to Church in the great majorities eyes
There is a policy of positive discrimination in such organisations as the Police, fire Brigade etc in favour of Homosexuals, Women and ethnic minorities
Equality Bill to encourage positive discrimination
OUT-LAW News, 26/06/2008
Employers will be allowed to discriminate in favour of female or ethnic minority job candidates under a new law announced by Harriet Harman MP today.
This also now applies to Homosexuals
You have totally missed the point when it comes to the various clubs I have mentioned in the fact you can not deliberately have a purely heterosexual team, such organizations as the Police have Gay Police officers association, Black Police Officer association yet a White Heterosexual Police association would be considered racist and homophobic and would be illegal.
You say “or because they are trying to get away from abuse and violence (normally motivated by a belief that they are not normal” where have you been for he last few years, Queer Bashing is not an issue any more (rightly so) since a Homophobic assault carries a larger penalty then other assaults, people now think before they assault someone just because they are homosexual
Christianity should be taught in Schools most of our law and morality are based on the Christian ethic The drive to make us a secular country is the main reason why Morality is at all time low
As for Television here are a few stations:
1. GayTVone LIVE - The best free Gay TV on the Internet
2. Gay TV programme on channel 4 | Queer Youth Network - National UK ...
3. Gay Teachers | Teachers TV
4. Gay TV Channel Online Village TV free video clips, TV shows
The rush to get give equality to minority groups have left the majority of Heterosexual white males less equal, there now needs to be a concerted effort to bring back balance to equality law Rather then have Some are more equal then others

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