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Richrad Bailey replies Christian Preacher and Homosexuals

Richard Bailey commented on your link:

"Hi Martin. LI hope you are well. Nice to see your opinions haven't mellowed!

I thought I'd say hello again by commenting on your blog.

I thought the reason gay people need protection from unpleasant people like the preacher you quote is so they are able to live with the same types of freedoms and choices that most of us take for granted. They don't want, nor does the law allow them to have, preferential treatment. They just want equality. And they are a long, long way from that at the moment.

As for whether they are normal or not, loads of heterosexuals don't have children. And neither do nuns, monks and Catholic priests, and others. So they are no more normal than gay people. Should they be victim to hate crimes, and the dogma of angry Christian preachers?

Of course, the story was printed in the Daily Mail, so is probably not true anyway!"

Nice to hear from you I thought maybe you moved to the academic hinterland

Is also great to see one reply to my blogs no matter how wrong they are!

Why is the preacher unpleasant? Because he quotes the Bible and dares to upset the Pink Mafia and says that Homosexual is not normal? He said no more then that. What type of freedom and choices don't they have compared to normal heterosexual people? What does having or not having children got to with saying Homosexuals have abnormal sexual habits. Being celibate like some religious orders is abnormal but the difference is they believe that they are serving a greater good the same can not be said of Homosexuality. Homosexuals and Lesbians do get preferential treatment it is called Positive Discrimination. Most government institutions and large businesses have to employ a certain amount of Homosexuals and Lesbians irrelevant whether their sexuality has anything to do with their ability to do the job, Civil Partnerships are for Homosexuals and Lesbians only, I have yet to hear of a heterosexual couple taking part in this ceremony and do not say they can get married that is a different ceremony altogether. Recently two spinster wanted to go through a civil Ceremony because they wanted some protection for their money they had saved when one died, they were refused even the European Courts said that this a ceremony for Homosexuals and Lesbians, How may Homosexual night clubs although heterosexuals are not banned, but they are not encouraged, there are Homosexual Rugby, Football teams etc there is a Homosexual Olympic games the only criteria is you have to be Homosexual, Gay Pride is a celebration of homosexually and other deviant sexual acts. Can you honestly say that any of the above would be allowed purely for Heterosexuals? On more then one occasions I have had to fill in forms for my Judo Club for grants and two questions we refuse to answer is 1) What religion are your members 2) What is your sexuality both we consider private and not the business of the Club
Finally the world would be better of when a persons Sexuality is kept private, the only difference between a Homosexual and a Heterosexual is who they have sex with I believe the latter is normal function of mankind the only natural way to continue the human race as for the first I do not care what they do in the bedroom but I reserve the right in a democratic country to say I do not like it. The Homosexual Movement is politically motivated to give extra rights to there ilk and have an exceptional amount of political power for a very small minority roughly 5% of the population. I expect most homosexuals want to be left alone to get on with their lives rather then earn a lot of money being a Pink Mafia activist
Finally I find really offensive that Homosexuals continue to use the word GAY this used to be an old English word for light-hearted and carefree,.

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