Friday, May 21, 2010

Prison fo Homo's?

Most of you know I am contiually writing about how Homosexuals get preferential Treatment over Hetrosexual males with Positive Discrimination. I do not agree with Homosexuals getting maried (Civil Partnership is not marriage), I do not agree with Homosexuals adopting, I do not like the word Gay being used for the sexual practice and i still think Homosexuallity is abnormal and should be taught in school that it is abnormal. Because like everyone who challenges the Homosexual life style I therefore must be Homophobic and peopel like DR think because of this I am a closet Homo.

Yet after all this I can not see why in Malawi 2 homosexuals were jailed for 14 years because of their sexual orinantation, why should a person be imprisoned for sleeping with someone of their choice? I have listed my complaints against the homosexual Society but can not see no point in making Homosexuallty illegal what purpose would it serve it certainly would not stop people being Homosexual and do the Malawians believe that the practise will stop in Prison I do not think so

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