Monday, May 10, 2010


What is Proportional Representation Voting?
PR is where all votes are counted to make up a Parliament
I.e. there are e.g. 100 MP’s in a parliament
All votes cast are as follows
30% Conservative
25% Labour
20% LibDem
10% UKIP
5% greens
5% BNP
5% Communists
MP’s per party
30 Cons, 25 Labs, 20 LibDems, 10 UKIP, 5b Green, 5 BNP, 5 COM
Advantages every vote counts
Disadvantages always have a coalition with small parties like BNP, Greens having a major influence in Government. The party with the most support could be stopped forming a government by a coalition of the minor party. The Policies you vote for will be watered down because a Coalition of Parties will mean compromise. PR will give you weak Government
The LibDems want this system because they know they will always have a place in Government, they also want a list system, and this is where you vote for a Party not for individual MP for your constituency.
Each Political Party would have a list of 100 candidates they pick to go on the Election list. So for example the Conservatives won 30 seats the top 30 on their list become MP’s which could mean not one knows where you live or what your problems are. Those who think PR say it is more democratic but how can it be democratic when the voter has no say who can be selected?
Another PR system is for the voter to put the candidates in order of preference i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc if anyone candidate doesn’t get enough First Preference votes, they then look who has the most Second Preference vote so the MP elected could be every bodies 4th choice that sound really fair.
I prefer the First past the post but alter the constituencies with each having the same amount of voters because Inner City constituency have sometime a ¼ of want County constituencies have.
First past the post has strong government on the whole or we could use what Labour suggested if a Candidate doesn’t get 50% of the vote the top two come back for another election a week later.

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