Monday, May 03, 2010

Gypsies Stopped- Harriet Hateman caught out

I have created two links to newspaper articles which may interest you

One is about Gypsies, Pikees, Travellers call them what you want trying to take advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend to build a Gypsy encampment. It seems that once they start building they can claim retrospective planning and if the Council refuse the can use the Human Rights act to push it through
What I can not understand is these Gypsies are supposed to be travelling people so why do they want to stop in one place? Who introduced these new laws yes you guessed NEW LABOUR. David Cameron has vowed to take us a way from the Human Rights Act 2 more good reasons to vote Conservative

Residents form human barricade to stop travellers building 'illegal' site in picture-postcard village

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Harriet Harman or as some call here Hateman is one of the most despised women in politics she preaches to us all the time She is the one responsible for the massive Political Correctness we have In this Countries she put s the rights of minorities and illegals before the majority Look at her then you will know why you have vote Conservative

'Hypocrite' Harman and her family's inheritance tax dodge on £750,000 estate

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