Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LibDems and Human Rights

I recently wrote how marvellous it was to have a Coalition Government rather then have a Labour Government and lots of critics have said the whole thing would end in failure, well the doubters may be right!
Two issues have come to the fore in the last two days which Tories are getting upset about
1) Fox Hunting. The fox is a lovely looking creature but also is a vicious killer who will kill for the sake of killing I have seen the damage when I worked on a farm. I like many others thought it was a disgrace that under the last government more Parliamentary time was spent on Fox hunting then was spent on sending British Troops being sent to war and the same must be said this time round there are more pressing things this country needs then to worry about a fox. I am told there are more killed by shooting and other means then were killed by hunting, I personally do not care either way
2) European Human Rights Act: This is one that does concern me greatly and I would suggest a lot of other people as well, the latest release of Pakistani Terrorists because of this act is just one of a long run of evil people being released. Of course the greedy Human Rights Lawyers enjoy great riches defending these people who want to kill British Subjects and they continually use the excuse take them to court knowing full well for the security services to reveal all the information would jeopardise future investigation and people lives. The Judge who released them even said he was sure after seeing the evidence in private the Pakistanis were active members of a Islamic terrorist group and were a threat to GB but he had to release them because Pakistan supposedly allow torture. It seems the LibDems do not want the European Human Rights Act got rid of the Tories want a British Bill of Rights instead something they promised in the last election. The LibDems have said they will not support this and David Cameron has back tracked and agreed to their demands telling us that with a Coalition you do not always get what you want true but also the LibDems must recognise they are the minority party and very much so. At the moment it seems the tail is wagging the dog.
Can I suggest a compromise put contentious issues like this to a referendum, all we hear from Nick Clegg is complete shake up of the democratic system more accountability etc as long as it does not go against LibDems policy. I want this government to work but if fundamental issues like this are to be given up every time the LibDems have a Paddy on then it will be doomed to disaster

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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