Sunday, May 02, 2010

Christian arrested because he thinks Homo's are not normal

Christian preacher on hooligan charge after saying he believes that homosexuality is a sin

Once again our Homosexual Friends get preferential treatment! Once again I state the obvious! just because someone is Homosexual that doesn't mean they have be picked on, they should be allowed to go about there daily business without fear or hindrance what they do in the confines of their bedroom is their business and their beliefs are their own BUT what should not happen is because of their unusual sexual preferences they should not be given extra rights over the majority which they now get? Also the rest of us should be able to voice our opinions as I thought this was a democratic country. So I do not believe the Homosexual act is normal, why can’t I say that, I am not saying Homosexual should be hurt in any way and that is exactly what this preacher said and he quoted articles from the Bible he believes that the homosexual act is a sin and he can quote the most read and most sacred book in the World. Yet he was arrested because he offended a Homosexual Police Office who is the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender liaison officer for the police. What are the Police doing paying for someone to promote sexual acts even you believe the homosexual act is normal HOW CAN YOU SAY BEING BISEXUAL is being normal.
It also reported that he castigated Drinkers and I believe Catholics but this was not considered offences.

Until the Homosexuals are treated like everyone else until persons sexuality is left private they will never be accepted into Normal Society I for one am fed up being treated unfairly because I am Heterosexual and have normal sexual appetites
Martin Clarke


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