Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Dear Editor

In my anger at the Labour Party and the Bishops, I made some hasty mistakes in my letter which I apologise for:

1)      I said the highest limit was £25,000 I should have said £26,000

2)      I also said that you can rent a house for £700 pcm; I then calculated that to be £8,400 per anum. Which I then deducted this from the maximum payment of £25,000 leaving £219.23p per week after deducting services. This was totally incorrect as I forgot that unemployed can get up to £650 pcm Housing Benefit. So the figures should be£26,000 minus £1200 services and £600 per anum rent leaving  £465.38p per week

I do apologise to your readers for letting them think these people who refuse to work only have £219.23p per week to live instead it should have been £465.38p

Mind You a married man with children working at ASDA would like to have a take home pay of £400 plus

Another thing that annoys me is the single man does not get no where near the £26,000, I rent Flats and 3 of my tenants have lost their jobs in the last few years and what they get is the following Housing benefit maximum £450 pcm there rent is £480 pcm, they get their Council Tax paid for plus they get £68 per week Job Seekers Allowance. With that £68 per week they have to find £7.50 rent, Electric £5 per week (average) leaving them £55.50p for food and one of then, who is 60, has been told by the Unemployment Office he has to maintain a car so if a job is offered where there is no public transport he can travel. It is this group of people the Older Single Person who should be up in arms and being supported by the Government and Bishops but NO they are the FORGOTTEN ONES and they want to work.

Martin Clarke

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