Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No idea of Democracy

Once again this Government gives us promises but no action. Ken Clark promised to make squatting illegal so how long does it take to change the Law?

We were told that they would cut down on immigration. It has increased and there is now proof that these immigrants are taking British Jobs

The Romanian women earns £100 a week selling Big Issue but still get financial help, who looks after the kids when she is working

This Government is no better than the last they have no concept of Democracy. They rules as if they were dictators never listening to the people and will it change at the next Election NO

I have never been so disheartened about our Politicians as I am Today

'My childhood home has been invaded by Moldovan squatters': Woman's anguish as eight Eastern Europeans break in days before she is due to sell

Romanian Big Issue seller given legal right to claim housing benefit (on top of the £25,000 she already claims

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