Sunday, January 08, 2012


I went and visited young Miles Loscombe in a children’s Hospital, he looked considerably well considering he had been hit in the head by a car and part of his brain and skull removed, He was sitting in a special chair and cannot talk but you can see he hears things and is aware, his dad George tells us there has been a great improvement in the last couple of weeks. George has lived at the hospital for nearly 3 months but will be back on the Judo Mat Tuesday. No one can tell how long it will take for Miles to get better or how he is affected but after seeing him I am full of hope.

On the way back we stopped at the Fountain Pub near Sittingbourne Railway Station, it has a new landlord and serves Thai food, you have to wait abouty3/4 hour for the food to be made but it is well worth the wait it was superb, We had a Green Curry, 2 potions rice, Sweet sour dish, stir fry dish and two soups, everything comes out together as is the custom in Thailand you have the soup as you are having the main meal. For two of us it came to £30.50p OK it is a pub a quiet one I might add not full of TV’s, but you have to try it to believe it.

I see Scotland’s Independence is on the cards again, most of you know I love going to Scotland I have good friends there but surely the strength of GB is that we are altogether? Yet I have to agree with Cameron that it is not just about Scotland having a referendum about breaking up the Union, the English should have a say on whetted we still want them. The SNP want to break with the rest of GB and become a subsidiary of the EU some independence that is. I have put a couple of comments from the DM which I found very good

Dianne Abbott makes racist remarks about white people and has said in the past Black people cannot be racist, now switch that around and imagine a white politician saying that about Black people.  How long it before he was kicked out as MP? Abbott should be sacked so people realise racisms is among all people irrelevant of race.

Scotland could not raise enough in taxation to support its population and the level of services it now enjoys. Independence from England would mean total surrendering of that independence to the whims of the EU. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

- Nigel, UK, 08/1/2012 08:41

If the Scottish people want a referendum then let them have one, and at the same time hold a referendum in the UK about the EU

- Cuckoo, Merseyside, 08/1/2012 08:38

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