Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Get stuck in

I was please if not some what surprised to see the Sittingbourne News printed my letter, the Gazette would only print letters which not to controversial, which was not good for local democracy. The normal lefties will come out to give me a good beating but who cares a least all of us are getting a forum to air our views. Something the Political Elite do not allow or if they do they ignore the majority.

The letter was meant to upset people and get people talking, I expect there will be the letter stating that so and so has worked but is now on the dole so why should I insult them. That is why at the beginning of the letter I said “Those who refuse to work” totally different to someone who wants to work but can not get a Job. I notice that the editor never put the whole letter in missing was “Getting to work is not easy and jobs are hard to find and the government are aware of this and will be allowing some discretion for those who genuinely want to work which I think is fair. On this subject can they start clearing out the foreigners who are taking our jobs and only allow them back when we have a job surplus and can I say to Employers that they have “A Duty of Moral Leadership and Financial Care to their less fortunate country man” because I am one of those who getting sick and tired of being told the majority of Englishman are too lazy to work, that is untrue. It is employers big firms, farmers who want cheap labour who will work 6 days a week 14 hours a day so they get a big porofit, can I suggest they start thinking of othes instead their greedy selves,

Martin Clarke

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