Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Badger Baiting

I have never understood my people kill animals in such a barbaric way and seem to enjoy their pain and suffering BUT some wild animals need to be controlled. I see nothing wrong with fox hunting at least the fox has a chance rather then gassing them also find interesting that people never complain about RATTING this where they put Jack Russell's in area where there are lots of rat, these dogs are a killing machine, disposing of the rat instantly. As for badgers, some of you may follow the Archers on Radio 4, well on one of the farm they have a slurry pit where the badgers have dug under neath and the pit is leaking. This is a fineable offence and can pollute the local river, so our farmer has already spent thousands of pounds repairing pit but the badgers have carried on, now the Farmer Will have to pay several tens of thousands put in a metal or plastic tank. If he buys it he may bankrupt him on he may have to move out of dairy farming. Whys because DEFRA will not allow him to get rid of the Badgers, I wonder if they dug under the footings of a house and put the house in a dangerous situation would this be allowed.
I value animals and wild life but I put the needs of Humans first

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