Monday, January 23, 2012

Cuts on Housing benefits, Foreign cheats, Goodbye Scotland

The government wants to put a maximum limit of £25,000 per annum on what long term benefit claimants can get. Great Idea why should anyone who refuses to work be better off out of work, most are lazy benefit cheats. You can rent a three bedroom house in Swale for on average £700 pcm that’s £8,400 per annum, leaving 16,600 for everything else or £319.23p per week. Allowing £100 pw for services (gas, etc) remember you do not pay Council Tax this will leave you £219.23p pw not a fortune but enough to live on I would suggest. Yet Paddy Ashdown, the Labour party and the C of E Bishops think that this wrong and we should not mess around with the maximum limit as it will make people homeless. Did you know what statisticians and Government consider homeless? When more than one child shares a bedroom, if that is the case when I lived at Hythe Road for 13 years I was homeless as I had 3 bedrooms with 3 children and myself and my wife. I always have to laugh at the Church of England when they moan about how we treat the homeless yet they have £billons of property which can be converted into housing. A government minister has said that some will have to move from their current homes TO RIGHT why should someone who permanently unemployed live in a expensive area or live in rented accommodation which they cannot afford if they working. We have all read the papers and seen people who have are living on benefit in housing that cost over £2000 pcm.

Getting to work is not easy and jobs are hard to find and the government are aware of this and will be allowing some discretion for those who genuinely want to work which I think is fair. On this subject can they start clearing out the foreigners who are taking our jobs and only allow them back when we have a job surplus and can I say to Employers that they have “A Duty of Moral Leadership and Financial Care to their less fortunate country man”

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

 foreigners being paid £2billion in benefits a year including 371,000 on the dole (and 5,000 claiming £42m in illegal handouts)

  • DWP fraud probe after 5,000 illegal immigrants claim £42m in handouts to which they are not entitled
  • 371,000 foreign nationals on out-of-work benefits
  • 6% of all benefit claimants are foreigners, study finds

What is labour answer to this “It is racist to tell the Public” what a bunch of idiots

Did you read the piece about the Gender neutral child? Parents of a child decided that it was wrong to let people know the sex of their baby so this freaks sex was kept a secret and know it is at school he has been told he is a boy asked on youtube if there was any difference between boys and girls he said “NO” Surely this sort of social experiment should be considered Child Abuse

Scots devolution has been a raw deal for English say voters south of the border

Maybe putting up a border is not such a bad idea? If you read the article

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