Monday, January 09, 2012

Put Brits First

What have I and many other been saying that these foreign Labour i.e. Eastern European migrants have been putting our people on the dole? Youth Unemployment rises to 450,000 while 600,000 migrant workers flock to GB

Yet I am called a racist and Anti EU because I have made the statement that these foreign workers should go, I am not a racist but I am anti EU for they along with the last Labour government are to blame for this debacle. So what is Cameron doing?

Those who support these people, mainly farmers and factory owners in the area oh and we must not forget Morrison’s, will be saying British Workers are lazy, they will not work 6 days a week 12 hours a day, they will not live 4 to a room, they will not work for the lowest of pay. What they mean is we do not have to train anyone and we make shed loads of money, who cares about our fellow country man. Then there are those who say well they are only students they need a chance! Well what about British Students do they deserve a chance at least they do not clear off every 6 months to avoid paying Tax and National Insurance.

Lets Put BRITS FIRST and profit second

A coincidence? Youth unemployment rises 450,000 in the time it takes 600,000 migrant workers to flock to the UK

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