Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old people in Homes

I was speaking to a friend of mine who's mother is now in a home, she tells me it cost nearly £2000 a month to keep her there, which she has to pay for. Her mother was one of those silly people who thought that buying here house, saving he money for old age was a sensible thing to do. Her and now deceased husband worked all their lives paying taxes etc they did not not have an elaborate life style or expensive holidays. Now in her old age she has to live in a home, already she has had to sell her home to pay for this. She is not allowed to have all her pension the home has that but she is give pocket money of £25 a week, this is not enough to have here hair done or have a chiropodist do her feet or get her grandchildren a present. Yet in the seat next to her is a lady same age that has spent all her money on holidays, cigarettes, booze expensive holidays, she never bought her house she rent form the Council, her husband only worked occasionally most of the time he was on the dole but she gets  the same as my friends mother!

Now I am only getting this second hand, so some of the things maybe distorted but I have heard of countless cases like this. So why save why be frugal? the governments of all persuasions should encouraging people to save. Here is a couple of ideas which I am told can help transfer your house to your children, I am told they cannot take your house if some is living in it, so say you live their get the Council tax put in your name

It is about time our politician start rewarding people for saving and buying property not penalising them, instead of worrying about the ridiculous Gay marriage and Rupert Murdoch they spend their energy on worrying about the elderly.

Lets hear what the politicians have to say

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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