Friday, May 11, 2012

Death of April

The Death of April George was a tragedy a young women taken from us any parent will realise the heart ache to lose a child in an accident but to lose one in unnecessary accident well I do not know what to say

What does need to be said is
1)   Why was this Polish driver only give 2 ½ years for driving a dangerous vehicle in a dangerous manner who then absconded from the accident what was he hiding. Had he been drinking?
2)   This in my opinion was Manslaughter 2 ½ years and he will be out in just over a year. Some punishment so much for Aprils Life
3)   Why is he not being deported?
4)   Was he driving a Polish car with Polish Insurance

Editor I am not sure whether you should print this as I do not want cause anymore grief to the family but I needed to vent my anger at a system who look after the criminal but not the victim

Rest in Peace April my prayers will go out for you and your family

Martin Clarke

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