Monday, May 07, 2012

What standard is TV now

We have a multitude of TV stations but lets be honest the most watched are BBC1 and ITV1. These two stations are now doing things on the cheap I refer to those terrible Talent shows like X Factor, the programme that try’s to find the best Karaoke Singer and now we have something similar on the other side. Now we have Britain’s got talent, the only time that is worth watching is in the beginning when there are lot of bad acts and you can have a laugh and as soon as these are finished we will move on to Celebrity Dancing and Ice skating. Then we will finish with the most idiotic programme of all ‘Get me out of the Jungle: how boring and crass is that. On top of all this we have quiz show popping up everywhere, mind you I am addicted to “The Chase”.
Everything is audience participation or so-called reality shows where are all the costume Drama’s, good comedy shows? I do not mean the ones of today where comedians use bad language, talk about sexual organs and talk about all other bodily functions. Getting audience participation and reality shows is TV on the cheap; thank God we have ITV3 and UKGOLD

 While I am on the subject why do they have put Football on main time TV surely it can go on ITV4 or BBC4 everyone has Digital TV now.

In the past I have moaned about positive discrimination i.e. women, ethnics and homosexuals/lesbians getting preferable treatment. The worst cases of this are in the Police and Civil Service and this can be seen also on TV in Police Programmes. Yet I have to admit I quite enjoy Vera and Scott and Bailey, two programmes that put women in charge with the story line making the women look like the ultimate Detectives and their male colleagues being a hindrance. It is still entertaining but why is it that when women enter a male dominated environment, they take on all the bad parts of the male environment, heavy drinking, swearing, bad manners, bragging about sexual conquest. Why do they not bring with the best of females qualities. My brother an ex Police Sargent tells me it was the same in the real Police, Women belching, f@@ting, using crude language he would tell them off but one wonders how many Senior officers did. You know the ones with pips on their shoulder who are more interested in promotion, Politically Correctness then Policing.

Martin Clarke

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