Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Water and not a lot to drink

Thames Water is talking about having stand pipes in the street till Christmas. So what has happen to our Water Companies?
I was great believer in Maggie Thatcher and believed in Privatisation the Nationalised run industries were a joke and massively inefficient lets not forget that. Maggie believed that local businesses could run them more efficiently but she never believed Multi National Companies would be running these previously Nationalised services. They are certainly not efficient and are just a Cash Cow for Share Holders and directors.

So what can be done?
1)   There is plenty of water in the North why not jut pipe it down South? To expensive I hear you say yet each Water company has a network of pipes surely it is possible to link these together i.e. when one company is running short another company opens there pipes and allows water through
2)   These flooding are no good because the ground is hard and the water runs away/ Well we all know where the flooding takes place has nobody thought of making Catchment Area’s where water can be saved and pumped into reservoir through underground pipes
3)   What about paying households with gardens to have Rainwater Tanks put under ground for use as feeding toilets and doing washing surely it can not be difficult to filter this water back into the household system
4)   Of course there is the obvious with the sea all around us what about desalination
All Governments are to blame for allowing these massive international companies to own all our resources and not improve them Now we have all the utilities continually raising price, petrol companies continually raising prices and the government making on the tax rises, Farmers employing low paid foreign workers all just for profit and with the main Super markets taking over the country how long will it be before they tell us what we can eat.

It used to be a company would be there to benefit the work force and the local community as well as themselves in my mind a good Christian attitude a good Conservative attitude. No longer this government and the Labour Party just look on Like Nero watching Rome Burn

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne 

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