Monday, May 14, 2012

Dog wins talent contest and the Archers

Britain’s Got Talent

So the best talent GB has to offer is a Women with a trained Dog WOW is that great someone who has trained dog to entertain! Next you have dogs sniffing out drugs, rounding up sheep, capturing villains, tracking people and much more! Mind you it just shows how poor the quality was in this show. Let hope someone can produce a howling cat for the next Karaoke Factor (sorry should have said X Factor) and people paid to vote! Now all those people who do not want to work because they are convinced they will win one of these moronic shows, will now all go out and buy a dog and pubs instead of having Karaoke nights will have Animal Performance nights

Do any of you follow the Archers? Well sorry to say I have got addicted to it. The Archers for some years been written by left leaning writers so you can imagine the storylines so you can see why I call myself an addict because to listen to a programme that goes against most of what I believe in so I must be mentally retarded or an addict.

Here are some of the story lines one is where one of the Archers women some years ago meets a gamekeeper moves in with him then he commits suicide, years later she has a yearning to have a child but she does not go the conventional way get a man has sex and then conceive with the child being brought up with a Mother and Father NO she has to have AI (artificial insemination) to produce an off spring. When I was at Agricultural College we used to have a guy come in to AI pigs, he always used to rub the backs of the pigs and making grunting noises while applying the treatment. I asked why? He replied it is always easier when they think it is natural and enjoyable, makes you think. I digress the father of the Women Tony disagrees and says its unnatural everyone thinks he is a disgrace but he comes around when the baby is born and of course this is happening in Farming Communities throughout GB?

There is the mandatory Homosexual this time it is another Archer who appeared out of no where some years ago has taken over the running of a very successful family farm. He came out and announced to the Ambridge Community he was GAY and of course every one said isn’t that marvellous having someone with a sexual defect in their midst. He has to have a partner so they write in a GAY Chef who happens to be Irish and of course they have to be lovers. Sorry but I cannot handle the love bits between two men, it makes me cringe thank God I am not on real friendly terms with any Homosexuals, mind why should I be according to the last Government Survey only 1.5% of the UK claim to be that way inclined. You wait when this disgusting Government vote in Gay Marriage the first thing they programme will do is to have a Gay Wedding

The one story line that is really bugging me is where the local CoE vicar who is married to a Hindu women, that is quite controversial in it self but lets move on. His daughter from his first wife who died is living with them and works as a Midwife, Oh I forgot his first wife was Black, could not understand what that had to do with the programme maybe they were not diverse enough, the thought of a village farming community in England being predominantly white is ridiculous? His daughter has a relationship with this Black Guy (I didn’t realise his colour till it appeared in the newspaper claiming racial stereotyping) A weekend away is planned and what does our Vicar father say about his unmarried daughter sleeping with this new guy she has only known for a few months, he encourages her and says have a good weekend wink wink. Meanwhile the vicars wife finds out he is married and is frightened to say anything and yes you have guessed the relationship folds up the girl and her father are distraught but their anger turns on the Vicar wife because she knew he was married. Hence she is too blame for everything, you can see where this going the wife will leave. Yet go back to the beginning the Vicar should be one of our Moral Guardians if he had said to his daughter sex outside of marriage is wrong your relationship has not been long enough for such an intimate moment none of this would have happened. This is typical of the Church of England instead of their vicars offering moral guidance in accordance with their beliefs they fall in line with modern trends. You can understand why the Church of England haemorrhaging members to the Catholic faith

As you can gather I have some time on my hands will bore you later with other facts

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