Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moscow and Artificial Insemination

I recently returned form Moscow from the European Sambo Championships, I was last their in 1990 since then things have changed. The price rise is astronomical a 1/2 litre beer £5 being ripped of was another thing we were quoted a Taxi for £40 when I asked a Russian friend to negotiate it came down to £10, in a market in Red Square I wanted to purchase a arctic fox hat for my daughter the price started at £300 I eventually got it for £80. Moscow has an addiction to cars the more the expensive the better, I have never seen so many cars in a city and they drive like maniacs, two of out team came back to the hotel by taxi and the driver was clocking 100 mph on parts of the 5 way carriage. A car out in Moscow is more important then where you live and they still are building more of those Tower Blocks which were so popular in the Communist era but now they have a prettier design.

The good point was the women they were very pretty, slim and well dressed. I spoke some Russians and they said when a Moscow women goes out she makes sure she looks good no matter when or what time it is, most wear figure hugging clothes and high heels they look and behave feminine. It is consider unfeminine for a women to drink or eat to access and to behave badly in public. I am sorry to say that is not the case in the UK in fact it reminded me of the UK in the 1950's and 1960's when British women could wear pencil skirts etc and behaved like ladies. It will change in Moscow once the feminist get to them and say if men can behave in such a manner why can not we as we are all equal, lets all start swearing, farting, eating kebabs after getting drunk have sex with anything with two legs, that must be equality at its best. Yet I can never understand when women move into a Male world they lower them selves to some of the worst parts of a Male psyche instead they should impose some of the female values which are far superior.  Lastly I saw no young women pushing prams I am told when rarely a girl gets pregnant she has to live in her parents apartment and the parents have to pay for her and the babies up keep what a marvellous idea

AI (artificial Insemination) for the over 40's

AI has played an important part for married couples who can not have children but now what the government is allowing absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. They are allowing people who are not married, homosexuals and single people to have children for the rich and famous children will become a fashion accessory. It is now proven fact that the best way to bring up children is within marriage so why when we have an aspect of Parenting which can be controlled they allow any Tom, Dick and Harriet to have a child. A child needs a Mother and Father, not a Father and Father, not a Mother and Mother or Just a Father or Mother. The Liberal elite which runs this country is producing a Country of Misfits

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