Friday, May 24, 2013

Are the Police doing the right job

Although I support the Police I do have doubts about the quality since they have had positive discrimination in favour of women, gays and ethnic minorities plus removing height restriction. I feel the standard has dropped by what only be called social engineering.  Not that I have anything against the above and I would not care if we had 100% women Police Officer on the condition they were the best for the Job with the present selection system you can not say the best person for the job is employed. The Police liked the armed forces plus society in general want to feminise the Male population and masculinise the feminine population.

Any way I digress with the recent shooting of the Soldier by Muslim fanatics the Police can be seen at very dangerous situations and must be commended for that but sometimes they get their priorities wrong for example some weeks ago I reported that a young lad was beaten up by a group of 15 year old, the Police were called but never arrived. They interviewed the victim the following day and they knew the name of the culprits as of yet nothing has happened. Next case a friend of mine had a cousin visit him at his house 5 minutes after she left an irate women knocked his door demanding to know who she was and where she lived as she claimed the women had cracked her wing mirror, he did not give out any information and said he did not see the incident and would pass on the information to his cousin. With in a few hours a Policeman arrived and question my friend at some length and then done a house to house, plus  Police were sent to interview his cousin who lives in another County after this the Police returned again. Now I think you will have to agree this is somewhat an exaggerated response and a ridiculous waste of Police Time, I am told that after all this expense nothing has happened. So why do the failed to respond to a violent assault? They maintain they did not have enough officers on duty, yet can attend a trivial incident like a cracked wing mirror? The only thing I can suggest that the person who complained had considerable amount of influence with the Police? If this is the case I thought that sort of thing died out years ago. Prime example of this is in the TV series Heartbeat when Lord Ashfordly clicked his fingers the Police came running, is this still true today?

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