Saturday, May 11, 2013

Do Not Trust Barclays and MidCounties Co-op

 I have mentioned before the terrible Barclays Bank, well in July 2012 they closed an account without giving me notification, it is now May 2013 and still trying to get £470, which was in the account, they continually make excuses about repaying me. So I contact the Ombudsman who came down in my favour told them to pay me immediately and ordered them to pay me £100 compensation. The compensation was paid but made out to the account that they closed i.e. British Sombo Federation so I had to send to the BSF Treasurer in Scotland. Yet they have still not given me back the £470 when I contacted them some months ago they promised to transfer it back into another Barclays account I had, did this happen NO so now I back to the Ombudsman hopefully they will charge them another £100. What a rubbish bank

I had two Direct Debits taken out of our IBF account, which were unauthorised, contacted the Bank and they stop the DD and the money was replaced. I thought I would contact the company The Midcounties Co-operative
 Co-operative House
 Warwick Technology Park
 Gallows Hill
CV34 6DA and ask how they got my Bank details as like most of these big firms they promised to contact me which they did not. So I contact the Police and Action Fraud as I believed this was fraud. Yet as soon as I acknowledged that this transaction was nothing to do with me down come the shutters with them (Co-op) using the Data Protection Act. This company has not told me where they got my Bank Details from, nor have they told me who authorized the transaction which they said was done on the phone. I have left the matter with the Police but I expect that these big companies have so much power they think they do not need to respond to an individual

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