Thursday, May 09, 2013

Martial Coaches Beware

Since Jimmy Saville perversions came to light more and more so called celebrities have come under the lime light for their abnormal sexual behaviour. Yet I find it hard to believe how they can prove something that happened decades ago of course if they have DNA evidence if a group of people all say the same thing this can lead to prosecution as happened with Stuart Hall but where just one individual comes forward and says 40 years ago they sexually assaulted me surely that is difficult to prove? Also could it lead to people just gaining revenge or blackmail?  I accept the entertainment industry along with politicians seem to have more abnormal sexual tendencies then what is normal acceptable to the rest of us


Sadly plenty most people Coach Martial arts have to be extremely careful in their behaviour with their pupils sometimes even the slightest thing can be misconstrued. Let me give you a couple of examples:
Some 40 years ago a very well known and respected Judo Coach who is now in their 80’s put his arm round a 12 year old girl and kissed on top of the head, just to comfort her after she hurt herself. A very kind thoughtful act but no they were reported to the Headmaster, luckily enough the Headmaster had some common sense and took it for what it was and warned the Coach. Now if that happened today he would have been suspended and most probably the Police would have been brought in.
30 years later a Karate Coach was accused of touching a girl inappropriately, the father complained to me, my response was to contact the Police I was not prepared to get involved. Once again if this happened today the Club would have to suspend him, at the time all the Coaches agreed that you are Innocent till proven Guilty and we allowed to keep coaching. Today it is the opposite way round take the CRB this is a system that you are guilty till you can prove your innocence and it is not particularly efficient either it is only as good as the last time you were checked as for foreigner it will only relate to the time they entered the country. The Karate Coach was under Police investigation for a Year it turned out the girl made everything up because she did not get the grade she wanted, what was even more ridiculous she made the accusation that the assault took place in the middle of the Dojo in front of over 30 people yet not one of them saw it. His class went into decline and he eventually left the Club, the final insult was the Police women in charge turned round and said “You got away with it this time” she should have been sacked

My point is that every Coach should be extremely careful as sometimes a thoughtful caring action can be misconstrued, I have taught my Coaches never to be alone with a Child or a member of the opposite sex and never offer a lift to child by themselves we live in a World where everyone thinks the worst of another person. So remember there is safety in numbers.

Now you can understand why there are less people wishing to become Coaches and run a Club

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