Thursday, May 09, 2013

Football Coach Greatest Living Briton Doesn't say much about GB

Why is there so much coverage over a Football Manager resigning, I refer to Alex Ferguson even on Radio 4 News programme instead of spending time on a really important issue like the Queens Speech they had a 5 minute Eulogy about this so called greatest living Britain. WHAT RUBBISH he was a Football Coach admittedly a very good one but that is all. To suggest he built Manchester United up to become this international Company is rubbish it was all those behind the scene doing this obviously helped by the performance of his Team. I personally have no interest in the Game of Football mainly because it is a vehicle to make money as a entertainment industry and not the sport it set out to be. That is one for ordinary people to get involved with to cement local communities, I am told that local Football Club have been on decline in latter years, yet money for the Big Clubs have increased. Football like the Olympics is a massive corporation design to put on Sporting Spectaculars for people to watch and for those involved to make lots of money. Sadly neither is about encouraging people to do sport for the sake of Sport and the biggest let down was the so-called Olympic Legacy

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