Saturday, May 04, 2013

UKIP Win but do not throw out baby with Bath water

UKIP 'clowns' have last laugh: Anti-Europe party's surge as PM forced to eat his words

I well pleased UKIP have must a made major break through as the Conservative Government in Parliament and in KCC just do not listen to the ordinary people, with KCC its their attitude on the Rubbish Tips and Rubbish Collection with the Government it their refusal to do any thing on the EU, Human Rights legislation and Immigration.
Yet we must be careful that we do not tar all Tories with the same brush. Nearly all the Major Parties are dominated by Millionaire Privately educated Political Elite what the Conservatives need is Politicians from backgrounds which reflect our Society in Government people like Davis Davis and our own Gordon Henderson. Gordon is very much in favour of our withdrawal from the EU and certainly wants a Referendum on the Issue, he is a true Conservative sadly Cameron is not, voting UKIP in our Constituency would let in Labour, God help us if this ever happened  

As crisis in NHS 111 helpline deepens... A&E chiefs fear bank holiday meltdown
·         Doctors fear that the NHS 111 system faces meltdown this weekend
·         It emerged that three patients may have died due to failings in system
·         Hospitals have seen a rise in patients with non-urgent conditions
·         They were sent by the staff of 111, many of whom are unqualified

Why do we treat the NHS as some sort of sacred Cow? Those who work in the NHS should be contracted to work through all Bank Holidays, the missed holidays can be made up outside the these periods and lets be honest Doctors get a good salary so why can these practise not offer a 24 hour service? The Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance service, shop workers, plus many others have to work during the Bank Holidays

BBC predator Stuart Hall's £2million home is handed over to wife 'to protect his fortune'
·         Shamed presenter handed over Cheshire mansion to wife Hazel
·         It was claimed it could be an example of 'asset stripping' by presenter
·         Solicitors representing more than 50 of his victims taking legal action
Can not believe the comments such as “why bring it up now?” why? because this man was a pervert like a lot of other celebrity perverts who think they are above. As for his family he got his fortune because he worked for the BBC where is perverted acts took part

Brighton Council adopts new 'MX' title for its transgender population
·         'Mx', short for 'Mixter', is a gender neutral title
·         Council's policy committee approved plan yesterday
·         Move follows report into services for trans people

What a load of nut cases but how far are they away from David Cameron? After all he is in favour of Gay Marriage how long before he suggests that bisexuals can marry a man and women? Why it that these sexual deviants get so much from Politicians is it about equality or some Politicians own personal leanings? Those who remember the 1960’s will remember how there was  a small percentage who believed that Sex should not be restricted to Marriage but should be treated as a form physical pleasure and not be restricted to any permanent relationships now was this for sexual equality? Or was it was it to condone and legitimise a very powerful minority who hedonism attitude to life was found to be disgusting to the majority, the same was their attitude to drugs. They won and got their way and look what has happened to the Moral Fabric of this country today so something that looks ridiculous can happen so BEWARE

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