Sunday, May 05, 2013

Arrogant Polaticians

The three major parties are a real arrogant bunch none of them have come to grips with UKIP win in the fact that the Public are fed up with this political elite running the country regardless of party. Yet it is highly unlikely they UKIP will gain  seats in Parliament but they will stop others winning seats and the worst one to be effected by that is the Conservatives, the next election will not be who you want to run the Country but who you do not want to run the Country! So what does the Conservative Hierarchy do to answer the UKIP problem? According to Teresa May and William Hague is to do nothing, if we are stop a Labour becoming a Government and pushing us further into the EU we must strike a deal with UKIP and if that means getting rid of that neo socialist Cameron and his posh friends so be it.
I see that the Deputy speaker has been charged with Homosexual rape, so what why is there such a high proportion of Homosexuals and sexual deviants in Politics and the Entertainment Business? Is there something in their DNA that craves power and being the Centre of attraction, who knows? But one thing is for sure you can understand why LBGT a group who are sexually abnormal have so much influence in Government hence Gay Marriage
Listening to a UKIP speaker he made a very good point that the Minimum wage has become the average wage because of the influx of Immigrant labour. A farmer  from Boston was saying he contacts a Gang Master for his labour force (the name it self conjures up people being whipped into place) he was then asked if they were all foreigners he said yes, he bragged that they will work 14 hours a day seven days a week come rain or shine. Not so the Brits he said they want a 8 hour day 5 days a week and will not work in bad weather. Good heavens Brits expecting to work a 40 hour week, have a family life, expect to earn enough money to feed the family, not work in rain and snow etc, how disgusting. Let’s return to Victorian times and keep the working classes in their place and make the rich even richer and the irony of this it was the Labour Party the so called party of the working man that allowed this to happen

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