Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Murderer Ben Gunn

I was listening yesterday to LBC radio it is a Talk Radio station and last night they had a discussion on the New Prison Regime. The main speaker was Ben Gunn a convicted murder who served over 30 years for killing a friend at 14 years of age. The whole programme seemed to revolve around ex cons who were saying how the prison system was and how it should become more liberal in its out look and how prisoner should given the respect and more rights due to every human being.

Throughout this diatribe of self-pity, loathing of authority not one ever apologised or said sorry for their actions that led them to be imprisoned. It seem this Ben Gunn has become a celebrity with his own Blog, giving lectures, radio interviews etc. He came across as intelligent person well he would be he maintained he read 3 books a day in prison. He was referred to as an expert on the Prison System spawned over by the presenter as if he was some sort of hero. He is a murderer and it doesn’t matter how much he and his friends try to say he repaid his debt to Society for his crime he has not. He murdered a fellow human being who can never be brought back, he brought untold grief on the murdered boys family he will never ever repay that debt. He was classified as sort of intelligent rebel while inside which gave him some celebrity status but this just proved he had little or no remorse for what he had done. I believe Murderers should be put in Prison for life with no reprieve this the only way they can atone for what they done wrong, I certainly do not believe he should have celebrity status and earn a living from the murder of another human being.

Back to the debate it was the normal discussion about prison should be there to educate criminals and stop reoffending none of the callers believed in hard punishment, as it did not work you may all have your own ideas on that? The presenter even suggested that all non-violent prisoners should not be put in Prison so burglars, cheats, conmen etc. will be free to do what they want interesting idea that and I am sure it will bring down the crime rate NOT. What none of said was that when some one is locked up they can not commit a crime, I have to be honest I do not really care what happens in prison as long as does not cost the tax payer a lot of money but I do know if you lock up a burglar for example he or she will not be breaking into my house or car RESULT. Make Prison sentence longer not necessarily  harder a long time away is a big deterrent and he it keeps the  Public Safe

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