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God News and bad News

Something to cheer you up

Read this article and have a laugh

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: As a singer is accused of 'racism' for wearing a Red Indian fancy dress... Next these idiots will stop children playing Cowboys and Indians 

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Millionaires Russell Brand and Vivien Westwood go on rampage with many of their rich middle class friends along with 14 year olds who should be at school .

Now if anything happened to these 14 year old who would Mummy and Daddy run to?  The Police, the people who they are trying to injure

Chaos breaks out in London as Russell Brand joins thousands of masked Guy Fawkes protesters in dramatic Bonfire Night demonstration
·       Russell Brand joined thousands of masked demonstrators in Westminster
·       British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was also spotted among crowd 
·       Riot police lined streets as protesters donned sinister Guy Fawkes masks
·       Officers drew batons as missiles, road signs and fireworks were launched 
·       Crowd kicked over railings while chanting 'one solution, revolution'
·       Anti-capitalist group Anonymous wanted to create blockade in the capital
·       London march is part of a day of global demonstrations against austerity 

I warned you that the Europhiles would start flooding us with lies and dodgy statistics.

'Expert' behind migrant report was man who said just 13,000 would come from Eastern Europe
·       Report claims EU immigration has boosted public finances by £20bn
·       Same academic also predicted 13,000 Eastern EU migrants a year
·       Professor Christian Dustmann accused of 'taking a narrow view' 
·       Minister say report ignored the physical pressure on public services

Analysis: True picture his figures do not reveal

European immigrants who have arrived in the UK since 2000 contributed more than £20billion to the UK public finances between 2001 and 2008
What does the report claim?
The headline-finding of Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini, of UCL’s Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration, is that European immigrants who have arrived in the UK since 2000 contributed more than £20billion to the UK public finances between 2001 and 2008. The pair are particularly keen to emphasise the fact that Eastern European workers put in 12 per cent more in taxes than they received in State services and handouts.
Were Eastern Europeans the major EU contributors to the Exchequer?
No. They provided only a quarter of the positive contributions – despite more than one million people coming from the former Eastern Bloc since our borders were opened in 2004. Some £15billion of the total came from the 15 members of the so-called old EU. It includes the vast sums contributed by bankers, engineers and IT experts from countries such as France, Germany and Holland.
In practical terms, what does it all mean?
Migrationwatch says the £20billion figure is the equivalent of a positive contribution of less than £1 a week per head of the total British population. For Eastern European workers, this figure falls to around 20p a week. The crucial question is: is this a price worth paying for the fact that, since 2000, more than a million EU migrants have been added to the population – placing significant strain on the country’s social fabric.
Does report assess impact of migration from outside the EU?
Yes – and it makes for far less positive reading. Between 1995 and 2011, non-European migrants living in the UK cost the public finances almost £118billion – taking out more in services and benefits than they paid in taxes for 17 consecutive years. During the same period, EU migrants made a net contribution of £4.425billion. British natives were a net drain on the nation’s finances of £541billion – reflecting the fact the country has been running a significant deficit in recent years.
Why such a gap between EU and non-EU migrant contributions?
Many of the non-European migrants arrived during previous waves of immigration. They now have families and are making significant demands on schools, hospitals and the welfare state. The Eastern European migrants, by contrast, are typically young and single. EU migrants also have far higher employment rates. For example, 81.2 per cent of Poles are in work compared to 46 per cent of those from Pakistan.
Does the report measure the financial cost of the strain on Britain’s public services?
Calculations have been made to establish how much migrants cost in terms of government funds, such as medical expenses, schooling their children and the welfare state. The total was then deducted from their overall contribution to the public purse, including income tax, National Insurance, VAT, council tax and business rates.
So what are the key omissions?
First, the scope of the report is too narrow – focussing on the cost of using public services but not the physical pressure put on roads, schools and hospitals by having to cope with so many new arrivals. Also, the report only looks backwards. It examines the taxes paid by the influx of Eastern Europeans when they are young, single and healthy but does not estimate the financial impact of them growing older and having families, putting a greater strain on the NHS and possibly claiming a State pension.
Is there any acknowledgement of this fact in the report?
Tucked away on p37, there is a paragraph which states that ‘ageing of the immigrant population that arrived since 2000 may lead in the longer run to an increase in benefit receipt’. However, the authors assert this will be offset by the fact some migrants will return home, while others are yet to achieve their full economic potential.
What about the impact of mass immigration on British workers?
The study makes no attempt to measure this. The independent Migration Advisory Committee warned earlier this year that cheap foreign labour has forced down the wages of some British workers. One study of pay in London had found the 20 per cent lowest paid had seen wages fall by 15 per cent on average. Driving down the wage of natives pushes up the overall welfare bill since they are likely to be paid more in tax credits and other handouts to compensate.
And the effect on British school-leavers?
The report makes great play of the fact that immigrants have ‘endowed the UK labour market with human capital that would have cost about £49billion if it were produced through the UK education system’. However, as David Green of the Civitas think-tank points out, the arrival of well-educated young migrants coincided with a slump in apprenticeships for UK teenagers – at great social cost. In 2012, the MAC estimated that, for every four migrant workers who come to the country from outside the EU, one British job is lost, again increasing the welfare bill.

Under fire for telling the truth

Ukip under fire after Mark Reckless says that dictator Colonel Gaddafi was good for immigration as he didn't allow boats of North Africans to travel to Europe
·       Former MP Mark Reckless spoke out in support of Libyan dictator
·       Reckless said Colonel Gaddafi was good for immigration control 
·       Nigel Farage agreed with Reckless, who left the Tories in September
·       Farage said removing Gaddafi was one of Cameron’s biggest mistakes 

I warned you the Pink Mafia are on the March they want domination by 1.5% of the population over the majority.

Ashers bakery told to pay compensation in ‘gay cake’ row

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