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Sex at 13-Is Peter Hain and Family Trust liars

I was listening to a date about how children were being abused in care homes and in foster families on LBC. WHAT SHOCKED me was the fact that every one of us will know someone who has been abused or is an abuser.  What a disgusting evil world we live in

Listening to Radio 4 this morning Labours Pater Hain was defending Ed Milliband to try to protect him he tried to slate the Conservatives by saying he had a constituents who came to him and said that he could not get a Liver operation and all his benefits had stopped but did he give a name NO well anyone can make up a story. Well Mr Hain I say you are a liar and this man never existed you prove me wrong so we can investigate the man’s claim. The same applies to the Family Trust where they quote anonymous case studies, how can anyone question the finding when they are anonymous, so I say the same to Family Trust you are liars prove me wrong

The age of consent varies massively around the world, from 13 to 20...
  • Japan: 13
  • Germany: 14
  • Iraq: 18
  • France: 15
  • Austria: 14
  • Tunisia: 20
  • Finland: 16
  • Italy 14
  • Greece: 15

 What also has surprised me is the age of consent around the World how long before we allow sex at 13? In reality this already happens how many under age mothers and fathers are ever been prosecuted.
An article appeared many years ago when a Pop Star was quizzed about him (allegedly) have sex with underage Girls his reply was "If they Bleed they are ready" If you read some of the comments there is even a women who suggest that is OK

What does it feel like to lose your virginity at 13? As children in schools are taught that sex aged 13 is 'normal' one woman says it's the worst thing that ever happened to her
·       The Family Trust lead uproar as children are being taught sex at 13 is OK
·       Information was sent out by sexual health service Brook
·       Anonymous case study says sex at a young age is damaging
·       She reveals, 'I was simply not emotionally mature enough to deal with a sexual relationship'

I reported this yesterday but the articles puts it better me

The real victims of bigotry: A family of bakers dragged to court and how opponents of gay marriage are being persecuted - even though the Tories vowed to protect them

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I hope that idiot Brand Reads This

The proof we live in two Britains: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN on the magnificent millions paying silent tribute at the Tower of London - while selfish anarchists bring chaos to the heart of the capital

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It is a tragedy that young women dies especially as she had a mental disorder BUT she accused a man of RAPE. Which if I read the article correctly was untrue so therefore rightly so she should be taken to court. Rape is an horrific crime and blight a women’s life and so can a false claim blight a mans life. The accused spent £200,000 trying clear his name so there must be a lot more to this case then meets the eye. Bringing a case for breaking the law is not hounding it is justice
Why did CPS hound my girl to death over a false rape claim? Father's agony after suicide three days before trial 
  • Eleanor de Freitas said associate drugged and raped her in December 2012
  • Police said she had not lied but dropped case because of a lack of evidence 
  • The rape suspect decided to spend £200,000 bringing a private prosecution 
  • CPS took up false rape claim case and demanded conviction at crown court
  • But Eleanor, who had bipolar disorder, killed herself days before April trial 
  • Her father David says she and her family have been failed by justice system
  • He told MailOnline: 'If the CPS had put a stop to this I'd still have a daughter'

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