Wednesday, November 05, 2014

WrightStuff suggest Dm attitude to 13 year old having sex is archaic

Below is an article from some so called experts, now you tell me people who agree with this are not sexual deviants? How long will it be before the age of consent is dropped to say 12 years and there argument will be most 12 year old are having sex any way and why because so called experts with the help of schools' if this article is to believed? will have encouraged them. So what of the dangers of sex at a very young age:

1)     Girls getting pregnant. Although the experts tell us teenage pregnancy are falling that is because girls as young as 11 are given various contraception aids which in turn says go on have a go
2)     Boys and Girls treat sex as the same as maybe drinking a cola something everyone does.
3)     Increase of sexually transmitted diseases
4)     Physical damage to girl before her bodies is ready for penetrative sex
5)     Psychological damage in later years especially for a girls
6)     The loss of their childhood
Sex should be taught as something special in a relationship and preferably in marriage or at least in a log term relationship

What concerns me most is the people who promote these ideas are they doing it to legitimise their own actions and mis-deeds. Why is that society has to make public everything that used be considered private? Paedophilia is the main thing that upsets Society yet these people want to encourage sex for younger and younger people. Maybe we are heading to the idea that an old man can marry a 12 year old as happens in some societies, yesterdays Paedophile could be tomorrow Expert on young people. Needless to say that Leftie on the WrightStuff, Mathew Wright agrees with every this reports says. Mind you he is some expert, can not maintain a marriage and has no children in fact resents children.

If you are Mother this is a scenario this reports welcome :

 9 year Bernie runs down to his mum “Mummy I have just had my first w**k it was really good” Mother “well done son I am glad you enjoyed it have you used a tissue? I am sure daddy and your sister would like to congratulate you. Now go and play with your toys” Later that night Mummy tells Daddy about what happened and they all congratulate Bernie, his 13 year old sister Melanie pipes up “well I have gone one better, I had my first F**k behind the bike sheds, had to do it because the teacher said it was good for us” the whole family clapped her and said how clever she was.

Sounds disgusting and stupid I hope so but I fear in years to come the Middle Class intelligencer will encourage this. I have used bad language because this how young people would refer to those sexual acts

Sex between 13-year-olds is NORMAL, says controversial 'traffic light tool' sent to schools to teach about relationships
·       Family campaigners warn behaviour encouraged in schools is unlawful
·       MPs say youngsters should be told that under-age sex is 'harmful'
·       'Traffic Light Tool' produced as part of sex and relationship lessons 
·       Sex between 13-year-olds is described as 'safe and healthy' behaviour 
·       Suggests masturbation and 'consensual kissing' is OK for 9-year-olds

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