Monday, November 10, 2014

TOP Sunday Roast-Hungarian Sandwich Makers-10 year old on Train

My favourite Restaurant the Taste of Portugal next to Sittingbourne Railway Station started Sunday Dinner. As friends of the proprietors I decided to give them a try, have to admit I am not a great one for going out for a Sunday Roast as my wife Valerie is an excellent cook plus I have tried this type of thing in Pubs and not been impressed. In the past my experience was thin piece of meat and over cooked veg. This was not the case at TOP Chef Carlos produced a marvellous Sunday Roast. I had pork and beef, nice big chunks and the veg was done to perfection and at £7.99p it was a bargain. TOP has produced great Portuguese food but I said to Carlos no way can a Portuguese chef produce a British Sunday Roast, well he proved me wrong. Go along to TOP and treat yourself

Below is an article about a firm wanting Workers from Hungary, if they cannot get British Workers they may have a point about hiring from the EU. Yet the British Government or us the Taxpayer gain nothing from them being here. In fact it will cost the British Taxpayer money for them to work here please read on , the only beneficarie will the company employ them because they can pay them a low wage as the Government subsidise them

Mrs Russell said low unemployment meant few locals could be found to fill vacancies, although there are around 8,000 jobless in the town, a rate of 6.8 per cent – the national average – while in nearby Corby it is 9.5 per cent and Luton 8.7 per cent.
 In Hungary, the average wage is little more than £7,000. Even if workers coming here were on the minimum wage, they would earn almost double that – £13,520 a year.
And they would have their wages topped up with tax credits – seen as a major attraction for EU migrants – and housing benefit.
These mean a migrant with no dependants on the minimum wage has their net income of about £184 a week boosted to £254, studies have suggested.
For those with a partner and two children, that rockets to £543 a week, equivalent to a salary of more than £28,000.

Is there no one left in Britain who can make a sandwich? Firm that supplies M&S and Tesco is forced to recruit 300 staff in HUNGARY
  • Greencore Group's new £35 million factory is due to open in 2016
  • Advertising for machine setters, cleaners, porters and quality monitors 
  • But company says majority of 300 new staff will be recruited from Hungary
  • Blamed few local applications on 'very low unemployment' in Northampto

Read the article and tell me you would put your 10 year old on a train by themselves? Mind you when I taught in a prep School it was common practice to put 7 year olds on a train by themselves that was back in the 1970’s


Mother battles to remove police caution for leaving her son, then six, home alone for 45 minutes, eight years ago

  • Ministers urged to issue guidance on the age when children can be trusted
  • Government says there is no law on the issue and points to NCPCC
  • Lib Dem MP John Hemming says: 'The law should always be clear'
  • Mother in battle to remove caution for leaving her son eight years ago

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