Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tax Credits-Children at Risk-Burka in School

They will come here and have their money topped up with Tax Credits paid for by the British Tax payer because they get tax credits they will get to pay little or no Tax. They will benefit from working in the UK so will their company but the British Economy will gain nothing in fact they will be burden on the Taxpayer.
On Radio 4 this morning the boss of the Sandwich Company said Brits are to lazy they would not be prepared to stand for 12 hours a day 6 days a week. So basically they are expecting a workers to do a 72 hour week on minimum wage no overtime subsidised by UK Government where are the Unions when they are needed

Comment from DM 

Ignore these selfish bosses
I’ve never been able to take the CBI seriously. When I was a young industrial correspondent, they monstered Mrs Thatcher’s economic reforms, which — like Bob Hoskins in the Long Good Friday — put money in all their pockets, even when they was out of order.
And they were all for joining the euro.
Their only interest is not what’s best for Britain, but what’s best for them in the short term.
They stubbornly support mass immigration because cheap foreign labour cuts their overheads. The impact on wider society doesn’t worry them in the slightest.
I can remember a CBI conference in Glasgow 30-odd years ago, during which the then boss of the Dunlop rubber company danced on stage wearing a kilt and banged the drum for British business.
A few days later he sold the company to the Japanese.

Do these Muslims Women not realise they are treated as second class Citizens in this Feudal religion and people like Rowan Williams, Nick Clegg and supporters of this Religion steeped in the Middle Ages only perpetuate this. Another point would someone wearing a Balaclava and Sun Glasses be allowed to teach?

The following was a comment in the DM

Rowan Williams says young children do not necessarily need to be able to see their teacher¿s face. WRONG! The face is the "organ of emotion," we constantly read facial expressions to understand what others are feeling. The face contains other clues. Our identity is captured in our features. The face is one of our most important possessions, 'the organ of emotion.¿ The face provides clues to our own feelings and those of the people around us. Our faces are a dynamic canvas. The face is the most powerful "channel" of nonverbal communication. We "encode" messages in our own facial expressions, and we simultaneously "decode" the faces of the people around us. In even the most simple interaction, our attention naturally gravitates to the face We constantly monitor the face as it provides vital clues to a variety of possibilities: attraction, whether a person likes or dislikes us, the complexity of emotions, identity, age, humour, and a person's regional and even national background.

These people disgust me they given not thought to the children brought up in an un-natural way by people with abnormal sexual habits. Children need a MUM & DAD in the early years they very much need their Mums. All you hear from these people who believe in same sex couples having children say it all about loving a child. Well it is lot more then that Love is just one part of bringing up children and to think that two men with No child care experience can do the Job. If they were doing Childcare is a job they would have to pass exams and have a CRB Check. I hope Social services get involved in this case
Richard Littlejohn had it right when he said “Now it’s born-to-order test-tube twiplets with two gay fathers and three this-womb’s-for-hire mothers.”

The three surrogate mothers who live on the same street and are all having babies for a gay couple - at the same time
  • Daryl Lee, 41, and Luke Harris, 50, have always wanted to have children
  • Couple from Surrey, who met in 1999, had considered adopting a child 
  • Bex Harris, Victoria Ellis and Becky Harris are part of a surrogacy circle
  • The women are having babies for the couple and are due within 7 month

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Twiplets? Two dads and a twio of mums - This is about what's good for the adults, not for the children
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2829400/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-Twiplets-Two-dads-twio-mums.html#ixzz3IkjdB8k3
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