Monday, November 03, 2014

Legalise Drugs

So the LibDems and the lefty liberals want to legalise drugs, they tell us this will bring the use of drugs down?  Yet the hard stance by the Government has led to a down fall in drug use?  When smoking was banned in Restaurants, work place, cinema it led to a fall in smoking/ More and more researchers are looking for the complete ban on smoking because it is dangerous but some want to legalise recreational drug use?  When the licensing laws changed to all hours Alcohol consumption rose, when alcohol was allowed to be sold in Supermarkets, corner shops and garages Alcohol consumption rose. I leave you to draw your own conclusion


How the biggest chunk of your hard-earned tax goes on welfare: Average worker pays £1,100 towards the bill 
Government is to send letters to taxpayers breaking down tax spending
Ministers believe it will strengthen their arguments for welfare reform
Welfare is single biggest item, accounting for almost a quarter of all tax

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£20 billion is roughly what the UK government and households paid to EU institutions in 2012: these include payments to the central EU budget as well as customs duties and agricultural levies.
But the UK gets some of that money back, some through the rebate which reduces the UK’s contributions to the EU Budget, and some through the Agricultural Guarantee Fund to farmers. That was worth as much as £8 billion in 2012.
So on balance, the UK’s contributions to the EU amount to some £12 billion a year or about £33 million a day. That’s about £184 per person in 2012/ Just wonder what £12 billion would do for the people who are British and live in GB

So Faith Schools cannot indoctrinate against Homosexuality BUT the Government want to indoctrinate children in believing Homosexuals and lesbians are normal. Now telling children that discriminating on the grounds of race, religion and sexual preference is wrong but to suggest Homosexuality is normal is a lie and children should not be encouraged to lie. Children should be taught that the ideal Family Unit is with a Married Mum and Dad they should also be taught that Marriage does not always work and promiscuity is wrong. 

Marriage is best for raising children, Government says
It is better for children to be raised by two parents than one, and better still when those parents are married, the Government have declared.

Faith schools which 'indoctrinate' children against homosexuality face being closed down under new Government rules
Ofsted to check schools 'actively promote' British values to children
Education department insists schools will not have to teach gay rights
But spokesman confirms pupils must be taught gay people are not 'in

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