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Ray Winstone on Sport-Women Lib-EU lies-Gay Mafia

Not to keen on his language and everything he says but the majority of what he says does ring true. UKSport are only interested in Olympic Medals and making certain Sports people into Millionaires at the expense of the Taxpayer. Below Ray Winston’s article I have taken a piece from the Guardian where it shows less people are doing sport
Tough guy Ray Winstone tears into the Olympic 'gangsters' and calls the stadium a f***ing con 
Actor says the Games have fail to revitalise his native London's East End
Dismissed the building of the Olympic Stadium as a f***king con 
Likened 'corrupt' members of the IOC to 'white collar gangsters', calling Lord Coe a 'puppet'  

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London 2012 Olympic Games legacy questioned as young people shun sport
• Figures reveal drop in young people playing sport in past year
• Funding could be cut for sports that fail to achieve growth

Despite the "inspire a generation" rhetoric used to justify the investment in the London 2012 Olympics, new official figures show that the number of 16 to 25-year-olds playing sport has gone down since the Games.
The latest Active People survey from Sport England, which invests £300m a year of lottery and government funding in grassroots sport and has a specific remit to increase the number of young people playing, shows regular participation among 16 to 25-year-olds has declined by 53,000 over the past year to 3.74 million.

Left-wing Middle Class women promote the Feminist movement. Below shows they do not research their products but then again the women on 62p hour are only working class

62p AN HOUR: What women sleeping 16 to a room get paid to make Ed and Harriet's £45 'This Is What A Feminist Looks Like' T-shirts
Feminist T-shirts worn by politicians are made in 'sweatshop' conditions
Migrant women in Mauritius are making the £45 tops for 62p an hour
They say: 'We don't feel like feminists. We don't feel equal. We feel trapped'
Machinists sleep 16 to a room and earn less than average wage on island
T-shirt is sold in Whistles in aid of activism group The Fawcett Society 
Deputy chief executive of the charity Dr Neitzert said they had originally been assured the garments would be produced ethically in the UK
When they received samples they noted they had been made in Mauritius
She added that if evidence emerges Whistles will have to withdraw range
Harriet Harman wore shirt on front bench of the Commons during PMQs

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The Pro EU movement have started their campaign to prevent us having a Referendum once again their bile is against UKIP. I have a good Conservative MP in Gordon Henderson so I shall not Vote UKIP but I have a lot of sympathy for them. The Press, Media have a concerted campaign against them. My advice if you have a Conservative MP vote for him, if you have a LibDem or Labour MP vote UKIP, this will bring us a coalition of Conservative and UKIP. My advice would be insist on an immediate referendum but do not think we will win a vote to leave as I am sure the EU will bring in a law to prevent such a referendum

Fascists, felons and fanatical fools: Ugly truth about Farage's friends in Brussels. No they're no longer a party of 'fruitcakes and nutters'...but just look who UKIP cosies up to in EU parliament 

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Two articles below will tell you the power of the Gay Movement which is just 1.5% of the population they do not want equality they want absolute Power

Red Cross volunteer, 71, axed over gay marriage protest: Pensioner told he is no longer welcome at charity because his views are incompatible with its values 
Bryan Barkley held the one-man protest outside Wakefield Cathedral 
Stood by himself and held up a placard which read 'No same sex marriage' 
Has now been dismissed from the British Red Cross due to the protest
Was told he was no longer welcome as his views are incompatible with its values  

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Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn
New Extremism Disruption Orders would class secularists or evangelical Christians alongside Islamic state or Boko Haram, campaigners claim

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