Monday, February 08, 2016

F**k Transgender

Spoke to a rather interesting chap today he tells me the word F**K come from Cromwell days when you were punished For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge another theory is Fornication Under Consent of the King do not care still will not allow it on my facebook
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Bottom of Form

Read this ridiculous article about bloke claiming to be a women

“Transgender” Nonsense Ties IOC in Knots

Bowing to the ridiculous demands made by “transgender” activists for men who have had their penises and testicles cut off to be recognized as “women,” has resulted in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ending up in court on “human rights”-related charges.

Chris Worley, who, after having his penis and testicles cut off, now pretends to be a “woman.”
On February 29 this year, the IOC and four other major sports governing bodies will face a potentially precedent-making case in the “Human Rights Tribunal” of Ontario, alleging discrimination against “transitioned” athlete Chris Worley for not being able to meet the IOC’s basic testosterone level.
Worley, who has had his penis and testicles removed, and subjected himself to all manner of estrogen injections and other “body reassignment” therapies, now uses the name “Kirsten.”
Pretending to be a woman, Worley then restarted an earlier professional cycling career—but of course, competing against women.
Even though he obviously expected his naturally superior physical strength to give him an unfair advantage, he ultimately failed to convince even the liberals in the Canadian women’s Olympic cycling team that he could qualify.
However, cutting off his testicles has also now produced an inevitable result: he now has no natural source of testosterone.
This is where the insanity of “transgender transitioning” is finally exposed: testosterone actually occurs naturally in both males and females, and is vital for any athlete in aiding recovery times from physical exertion.
It is just the level of testosterone which differs in males and females—a level which can be accurately measured.
But, as Worley recently told Newsweek magazine, he found that after he had had his testicles cut off, he “started to see deterioration. My body could not perform at all.” Worley would exercise, and then be completely “unable to recover at any normal rate,” Newsweek said, adding that testosterone, which Worley could no longer produce, is vital for the body’s all-round health.
“It controls absolutely everything,” Dr. Richard Petty, Medical Director of the Wellman Clinic in London, toldNewsweek. “A lack of testosterone presents itself in a multitude of ways, not just to do with sex.”

“I compare testosterone to the amplifier on a music system,” Petty continued. “It’s all to do with volume. You are given physiological equipment which is modified by the presence or absence of testosterone. When testosterone is not present, that equipment will not work as well.”
Although the IOC has twice agreed to let “transgende

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