Monday, February 08, 2016

Holiday Costa Adeje

On my first Holiday of 2016 I am in the Flamingo Costa Adeje had to get away from the February Blues.. Have a nice apartment in the complex for those who know the area it is behind the Harley CafĂ© the one with the American cars made into tables. 

The weather is just about right 74 degrees not to hot but can still walk around in a T Shirt in the evening.
When you go to Tenerife you know what you get Sun Sea and Sand and that is all I want, drink and food is cheap. At home I keep to my 12 units of alcohol a week out here I done that in the first night, being diabetic I keep to my strict food regime which I have done quite easily here and my blood counts are very good.

Have bought my first silly thing a Selfie Stick for £5 which I expect I will use once or twice then put into a draw or give to one of the grand kids but this time I have promised myself not buy anything else from an electronic shop.
rare sight me in shorts 

Came all this way to spend a night in an Irish Bar it was great I love Irish Music and it was sung by a true Irish man some even call me a Plastic Paddy.

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