Thursday, February 18, 2016

Here is another thought on Refugees that will not be popular.

Here is another thought on Refugees that will not be popular.
Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski signs a
book of condolence at the French Embassy in Warsaw
to pay Tribute to Victims of the Attacks in Paris.

The Best Idea Yet! 
 (Pay Attention, Obama and Trudeau!!!) 

Poland's Foreign Minister  said - “If there are Hundreds
of Thousands of young Syrians coming to Europe then we can create an ARMY.”

The idea of an Army of Migrants also made sense, the Minister
Witold Waszczykowski said, because Poland could ill-afford
to send its Troops to the Middle East

HE has proposed forming an Army out of the Syrian 
Men arriving in Europe, which could then return 
to their Homeland to fight for their FREEDOM. 
In an Interview on Polish State Television 
Late Sunday, Waszczykowski said  - 
“The Tens of Thousands of Young Syrian Men 
who jump out of the rubber rafts and don’t 
ask for water, food, or clothes…… but ask 
where they can charge their smart phones could, 
with our help, fight to get their Country back.”
“They expect us to send our troops to fight 
and die for Syria, while Hundreds of Thousands 
of Syrians sip coffee” — at the old town square,
chatting up OUR women, and watch US/WE fight for their security.” ………  
Makes sense ?
Poland’s *Waszczykowski* said it wasn't right that Western Soldiers
fought ISIS; while Refugees 'sat in cafes'

They leave their deflated rafts, etc., on the 
sand for Government employees to clean up whilst they take “selfies”.)

Refugees charging cellphones!!!
(United Nations went all out supplying them with charging stations.)
Are these happy young men really timid souls fleeing war and persecution???
They aren't quite the heart-rending image of disheveled, traumatized refugees
fleeing the horrors of their War-Torn Home Country one might expect,"
blared Britain's Express tabloid.
Refugees from Syria use smartphones as they wait outside a Government
Office last month………
Stricken Syrian migrant takes Pictures with friends on $500 smartphone.

Smart Phones...the essential tool of the 21st Century "Refugees’"
Fleeing War and Poverty.

(Where are their women in these pictures???) What education do they have ?
They’re back home, waiting for cash, and the invite to bring their whole family over.
None of them even dream, of settling anywhere in other Muslim countries. - Makes one’s heart bleed.
Lock up your daughters, - and your house !

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