Sunday, February 07, 2016

Slimy Cameron

It's the great Tory EU panic as PM is roasted by his own team: IDS lashes Cameron as Boris blurts out: 'I've NEVER wanted to quit the EU'

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All those MP's in the Conservative Party who vote against their Constituents  wishes should be deselected. I want to leave the EU and believe a vote to stay is a vote of treachery and the eventual goal of EU enthusiasts to form a United States of Europe based on the old USSR with Commissioners not politicians running the thing. 
Slimy Cameron along with the EU will lie cheat and do anything for us to stay in and if we who believe in a Democratic Britain win Slimy Cameron and the EU will pretend to have another conference and we will be expected to vote again and again till  they get their way
I struggle to remain a Conservative voter the only reason I stay is because of our local MP Gordon Henderson who is a Euro Sceptic and not frightened to say so
The top level of the Conservative Party is just a play thing for the Public School Club can not wait till Cameron leaves but it must not be replaced by the like of Boris Johnson or George Osbourne. The Party should have had David Davis as leader 

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