Monday, February 29, 2016

The Great Brain Robbery

'The Great Brain Robbery': The Left have hijacked education
It’s no secret to anyone who has experience of full-time education, that many of our educational establishments have been conquered by the left. In fact, the Marxist left have managed to infest every level of education from primary school right through to University. Nevertheless, it was not until the recent general election that I saw the full force of this political corruption in our educational institutions. It was not until the election that the dangers of the Left wing of politics, became clear. As an A-Level student, I experienced it first hand.
Devoted trade unionists crept out from the shadows and into the classrooms, pushing EU propaganda masquerading as ‘educational books’, which contain fabricated and deceptive versions of the history and current situation concerning the “EU project”, honouring their allegiance to their much loved, europhile Labour Party.
From senior members of management, teaching staff and those who could infiltrate the education system, I experienced the full reality of the frog-marching Labour party ground troops. Political bias was extensive – I suspect the Tory’s scaremongering about the SNP had kick-started the Labour party’s main asset; the trade unions. This led to a wave of misinformation about the other political parties’ surfacing. The Labour party certainly didn’t shy away from the usual techniques of using misleading figures, and the usual lectures of their ‘proud’ history; all of this vomiting from the state-obsessed, narrow-minded teaching staffs mouths, projecting into the minds of the students. The sad result of this is that an educational establishment, which is expected to provide a balanced and accurate account of politics, becomes the preaching machine of the Left.
Not a surprise really though; the most recent government-commissioned research found that 97% of teachers in England belonged to a union. The unions’ funding to the Labour Party amounted to £5,000,000 in the last quarter, so it’s no wonder our educational system has vastly shifted to the left.
Educational institutions have staff who dedicate their life to ensuring that the next generation are educated and well informed about the world around them. Naturally, it is in our schools that many young people first encounter discussion and develop not only their critical skills, but their own personal views and identities too. Young people discover themselves in school, and with that comes the discovery of their own ideas, thoughts and opinions. This can only be achieved properly, with a good formation; essentially coming not from being taught ‘what’ to think but rather, ‘how’ to think. More specifically, how to think critically and freely. The developmental stages in education undoubtedly represent an important time in the development of each student. It is an even more important time at the moment politically for the development of the United Kingdom, with the upcoming referendum on our membership of the European Union.
Educational institutions have been charged with the honourable purpose of forming the young people of Britain. There is a certain duty on our schools to ensure that students are well informed and rounded. Furthermore, it is important that students are able to learn to think for themselves, or as mentioned earlier; to learn ‘how to think’ rather than ‘what to think’. As individuals, students should be able to express their own political views without facing a barbaric verbal attack from the frothing mouths of the modern socialists, just because their opinions differ. Maybe that is the reason for the rather disappointing 58% turnout among 18 to 24-year-olds in the recent general election.
We all recognize that whatever our political leanings, the importance of being well informed. It is a vital tool for engaging in the everyday running of the country as a citizen; it is even more important that we pass this liberty onto our young people, and help them to form their own views. This can only be achieved through a real politically balanced education system. Why have the left grasped onto the education system so tightly? Because with education, comes liberty, and with liberty comes power, something the left not only seek to deprive our young people of, but also seek to manipulate to their own advantage. It is far better for them if you do not think; it is far better if you just ‘do’.
We must take back our education system, take back our future and take back our liberty.
Mitchell Goldie

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