Sunday, February 21, 2016

Polls say the Yes Campaign will win

The Polls show that the Majority in GB want to stay in the EU. Those that do may classify themselves as EU Patriots but in my mind that makes them GB Traitors. Yet the Polls do not show what I find on Facebook and other Social Media?
One thing is for sure the Pro EU will use lies, propaganda and will get lots of money from the EU to promote their ideology. David Cameron the son of Blair has always wanted us to stay in the EU and he will continue to liar about the benefits. So will the GB Out win my heart wants that to happen BUT my brain tells me NO for the reason I mentioned above. As a Conservative Voter I feel ashamed of that Elite PM and his Elite friends who make up the Government BUT what alternative do you have the Neo Communist Corbyn who leads the Labour Party NO, the LibDem’s who are another Socialist Party NO, UKIP YES but our electoral system will never allow them to gain power so you either vote Conservative or do not vote at all. The Conservative Party needs to clear out all the Public School MP’s who were born with a Silver spoon in their mouths plus those who went straight from University into Politics encourage people from normal backgrounds who have worked hard all their lives to stand as MP’s.

There will be lots of arguments from the Out and from the In here are my main reasons to leave:

1)   I believe the British people should decide their own Laws and not be subservient to EU Law
2)   I believe in the Democratic right of the British people to determine their Future and not to be led by Unelected EU commissioners
3)   I believe that Parliament should be in control of our Budget and answerable to the British People unlike the EU where their Auditors have refused to sign of the EU Budget as a true statement for 20 years
4)   I believe we should have complete control on who enters the UK

Obviously David Cameron and the EU Yes campaign do not believe in these 4 fundamental points

Get Britain Out is an independent, cross-party, grassroots Eurosceptic group campaigning to get the United Kingdom Out of the European Union. We want to restore UK Parliamentary democracy and take back control from the unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. We want Great Britain to be free of EU interference, and we want to decide who can come into Britain by controlling our borders once again. The Prime Minister’s so-called ‘deal’ in advance of the Referendum is pathetic and we must now fight to Get Britain Out of the European Union as soon as possible.
Bring Back UK Democracy
The unelected European Commission which runs the EU, regularly rejects attempts by Britain to reform the Union.
Since 1996 – when records began – the UK has never managed to block a single piece of EU legislation.
EU Membership contributions costs Britain £14.5 billion a year
Added to this, the cost of EU Regulations hinder 95% of UK businesses – the top 100 EU Regulations cost the UK economy a staggering £33.3 billion a year.
Less than 5% of UK businesses trade directly with the EU, but have to adhere to all EU Directives.
As an added incentive following Brexit, Britain would be able to sign its own trade deals with the rest of the world.
“Not 1 job is at risk from Brexit”
This was forcibly stated by Lord Digby Jones, the former Director General of the CBI and ex Minister of State for Trade and Investment.
He observed how Britain will secure a free-trade agreement with the EU immediately following Brexit ensuring no disruption to trade. (Sunday Politics, 31st January 2016)

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