Saturday, February 27, 2016

Should we give away our Grandchildren's Rights?

I think you all know I want to leave the EU, there will be many reasons why to leave and why to stay. Yet so far the reasons to stay in the EU are only selfish ones for example on Radio 4 Today Programme we had a scientist telling us how bad it would be to leave the EU stating that Science would not advance without the EU, this may or not be true. Yet he was totally selfish he could not see any further then his own selfish demands

There are countless arguments I could put to coming out of the EU but my main concern is the future of my grandchildren. What right has anyone to impose on future generations a system of Government that does not allow self determination which can not be reversed because that is what will happen if we remain in the EU because no matter what Cameron says the EU will become a United States of Europe and Countries will become no more then County Council

The EU is not a democracy as it is mainly run by Bureaucrats called Commissioners who are unelected here is a breakdown of Laws by EU you can see the steady increase latest figures suggest its now 63%

I believe the people of GB should decide their own future through our own Democratically Elected parliament. As the years go by our voting system may Change, as may our Parliament.  Yet this will be done by the people of this country a true Democracy and not from some outside forces.  The EU is nothing more then a Plutocracy, which is why the very rich and famous want us to be part of the EU/USE

Simple Definition of plutocracy
·    : government by the richest people
·    : a country that is ruled by the richest people
·    : a group of very rich people who have a lot of power

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