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St Michaels Road


28 Apr (3 days ago)
to sittingbourne
Regarding closure of St Michaels Road for minimum 6 months as reported in Sittingbourne News Extra.

This raises the issue of traffic gridlock in Sittingbourne using A2 and surrounding area roads.

There is not enough suitable roads or any preparation road upgrade work undertaken to alleviate A2 and town gridlock for lorries & cars.

Note railway bridge at Crown Quay Lane which is link to Eurolink Way that can by pass St Michaels Road only allows a lorry to pass in either direction by straddling both lanes of a two lane road.

Conclude the Emergency services & KCC Highways are content to lock up the town traffic and A2 in both directions.

Assume that council and its officers have imposed no daily charges on developers for every day over 6 months that work is undertaken and causes traffic chaos on A2 and surrounding area, based on previous work undertaken in town?

Council wants to re-develope an area but wants the public to subsidise development with approx. £30 million loan to assist developer a private company. Then build a multi storey car park on site of a demolished multi storey whilst building homes without sufficient parking on existing car parks. 

So much for intellectual rigour, application of common sense by councillors, council officers and KKC highways using local knowledge and the adverse effects to be caused by closing the main through (A2) road for town by at least 6 months!

Additionally public funds/liabilities are being used to subsidise a private developer; hope the local MP and the government auditor will examine the council accounts along with the accounts of those councillors and council officers involved in promoting such a poor deal for the people paying council tax and the general tax payer.

John Elmer
33 Cherryfields

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