Sunday, March 27, 2016

John and Rebecca Marry with Sambo Cake

My Oldest Son John Clarke in fact my only son married Rebecca Stock on Good Friday. The Wedding was fantastic and was held at the Coniston Hotel, the food was great the entertainment was also great. Matt Brooks and old School friend of John’s is a professional singer and he sang and played the Guitar most of the night, singing songs for all generations can certainly recommend him. The night finished off with a resident Disco, it was one of the few weddings where I have seen the dance floor full all night. Plus it was unusual that the Husbands stayed with their wives rather then propping up the bar.
I was pleased too see all of my family there including my brother and his daughter and we also had relatives from Germany over for the weekend. Val had her brothers, sister husbands wives nephews and nieces present a true family get together. Many of my old friends were the especially the Christmas Eve club and old friends from the Judo and Sambo World. In fact we had friends from Isle of Wight, Bedford, Hampshire, London, Essex plus Latvians, Germans, Scots, Irish Welsh, Lithuanians all there to celebrate the Wedding

John is Technical Director BSF Sport Sambo and even at his wedding he could not get away from his love of Sambo and on his Wedding cake was Rebecca in her Wedding Gown and John was his Sambo kit there was even talk of him getting married in his Sambo attire luckily that was a step to far

The whole of the Clarke Tribe have welcomed Rebecca into our family she is a beautiful intelligent Young Women, how John attracted her is beyond me but he is a lucky man. We wish them all the happiness for the rest of their lives

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