Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are the BNP Clever

The BNP have very clever in accepting Non White people into their organisation, we are told that they had to do this because our Political Intelligencer have said they are breaking Racial Equality Laws by not allowing Non Whites in. Can I say firstly if the BNP are such a bigoted organisation why would some one who is not white want to join? I always thought that being Democratic is about letting the individual decide what they want with little or no Government interference, I have a group of mates who meet every Christmas Eve since 1966 and we call ourselves the Christmas Eve Club and we wear a silly designed tie and normally get drunk Christmas Eve Dinner after singing carols and exaggerating tales of our youth. The CEC doesn’t have any women members or any ethnic members so are we breaking some DISCRIMINATION Laws?
BNP under the direction of Nick Griffiths are slowly becoming a main stream party and slowly they are hiding their Right Wing attitudes and because all the major political parties and the Left wing hate them they give them the oxygen of publicity, this makes the people of this country stand up say WHY is everyone so frightened of the BNP? If you listened to Nick Griffiths on Sky and read his articles he doesn’t come across as racist His comment was "'There are three different groups of people in this multicultural Britain now,' he said.’ There’s the indigenous Brits, people like you and me; there's settled ethnic minorities populations who are here legally and legitimately and they are civically British and we have no problem with them at all; and then we have the third block, the colonists, people wanting to change our country into something completely different,' Mr Griffin said.
'A large number of the settled ethnic minority population, Sikhs, Hindus and so on, are actually very much in favour of the British National Party's stance about stopping any further immigration.'
Asked if the sorts of British ethnic minorities he believed supported the party were included in the 'indigenous' group the party would stand up for, he said: 'Oh no, no, no, no, no. 'Of course they are not indigenous. We are saying they are civically British, which is a matter of common sense, also that they are patently not of the ancestral stock of this country. 'It doesn't make them bad; it just makes them a little bit different.'
Now what has he said that is racist or offensive NOTHING and this where he is crafty because he makes all those who call him a racist look silly
The BNP at present will never become a main stream party and to vote for them on a National basis is a wasted vote in my eyes, but you could be on the verge of seeing the uprising of a New Party, as soon as the BNP allow Non White people in and the get them voted in on the EC you will see the Racists Hooligans leave in droves and you will see the birth of a New Right Wing Party led by Nick Griffiths

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