Saturday, October 17, 2009

Restraurateur Victim or Suspect

I was recently talking to a Sittingbourne Restaurateur , he told me he had a group of people in their late twenties do a runner one Sunday dinner time (leave without paying) during the week he saw two of the women and asked them to pay or explain why they did not pay. They started to make excuses and then ran, he chased them and grabbed one stating that he would get the Police involved at this point the 2 women’s Boyfriends/Husbands arrived and attacked the Restaurateur. He managed to get the better off these cowards and they run away, he reported the incident to the Police and the group was arrested but released because the Restaurateur used unnecessary force, he was considered lucky that they did not press charges. So these Cowardly Thieving Yobs escape justice and get a free meal in the bargain, now everyone has to pay in advance for their meals. Now I heard this from the man involved I can not guarantee his story but his case is not unusual in where the Police end up treating the victim as the suspect,

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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